Notice of Monthly Membership Fee Change

Notice of Monthly Membership Fee Change

Notice of Monthly Membership Fee Change

After opening MagaGYM ROPPONGI in October 2013, five years have already passed.

Meanwhile, MagaGYM and Krav Maga has become popular by the great support of our members.

However, as the number of members increases, issues that did not exist before have emerged.

In particular
-Training rooms are too crowded
-Shortage of number of classes
-Training pads and gears are damaged very quickly

Based on these issues, MagaGYM believes that its solution should be quickly achieved, and we will promptly work on the following matters.

-Build the “Class Reservation System” to prevent too crowded classes
-Recruit new instructors
-Educate instructors to improve training quality
-Frequent innovation and enrichment of pads and gears
-Development of new type of classes
-Disclosure of class menu in advance

And while MagaGYM has kept all prices unchanged for five years since 2013, we recognized that revision of membership fee is inevitable to solve these issues including the increasing rent fee in the center of Tokyo.

Therefore, we have decided to revise the membership fee from January 2019 for the purpose of investing to the new system and establishing a sustainable management of MagaGYM.

We sincerely hope you would kindly be understood the revision, including its reason and purpose.

Revision of Price and System

Price change

From the membership fee for January 2019, the following monthly price will be applied.

Current NEW
Daytime Member 8,000 (7,000) yen 9,500 (8,500) yen
Light Member 10,000 (9,000) yen 11,500 (10,500) yen
Standard Member 12,000 (11,000) yen 14,500 (13,500) yen
Membership change fee Free 1,000 yen(Note)

* Prices above exclude tax.
*( Price ) is discounted price for FEMALE members.
* Admission fee 10,000 yen ・ Sports insurance fee 1,850 yen ・ Freeze membership 2,000 yen/ month ・ Gym location change admission fee 2,000 yen, One coin system 500 yen is not changed.

(Note) If you would change your membership for continuing certain months and return it to the same as before, membership change admission fee can be 1,000 yen only.
For example,
-Sep “Daytime”, Oct and Nov “Standard”, after Dec “Daytime”
-Current “Standard”, “Daytime” next month only, and return to “Standard”
* Membership change fee is not required when applying for “Freeze your membership” or returning to a class from Freeze.

System change

-We will abolish “Multiple Location Gym Use” option (2,000 yen / month). From January 2019, no option fee will be charged to use multiple location gym use.
Standard members can use the other gym 6 days /month, the light members 2 days /month, Daytime members 2 days /week without optional fees.

-TRX suspension training class fee (500 yen /class) will be abolished. The TRX class participation fee is included in the monthly fee above.

-If members left classes unused in the previous month, members can use them in the current month only.
(Standard members, light members only. Daytime members, members who freeze their membership are not applied.)

-When MagaGYM members take a Personal Training, Special rate for members is applied.

Current NEW
8,000 yen/hour 6,500 yen/hour

* The indicated price excludes tax.
*This rate is not applied to the members who freeze their membership.

* When you purchase personal training tickets of “5 classes”, “10 classes” and “20 classes”, the rate is the same as the current price. This discounted rate is applied in one single use only.

-long-term member discount will be applied to those who has kept a membership over 3 years.

Long term member discount 1,000 yen/month(tax excluded) discount

*This discount is applied to those who have kept membership consecutive 3 years or more.
* Even if current period of your membership is less than 3 years , this discount will be applied when it exceeds 3 years.
* “3 years” doesn’t include the period while you freeze your membership.
* Even if your membership is more than 3 years, this discount is not applied while you freeze your membership.
* Once you cancel your membership, you would lose this discount even after you re-sign up your membership.

Application of new Price and System

New month membership fee and system above will apply from January 2019.

The “Class reservation system” is scheduled to start operation in mid-November 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact MagaGYM Management Office (03-6432-9965 )

Thank you again for your understanding.

September 25th, 2018

MagaGYM Management Office
Hammer Fist Inc.

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